Werkstätten Hainbachtal

Werkstätten Hainbachtal gGmbH in Offenbach is an accredited workshop for disabled people.

Our services are designed for people with disabilities or mental illness, companies and organisations, and parents and their children.

Werkstätten Hainbachtal also comprises a day care centre for people with very severe and multiple disabilities, a childcare centre and two cafes.

For people with disabilities

Not only are we a provider of services for people with disabilities – we also give them jobs. Our goal is to develop, recuperate or increase the abilities of individuals for whom there is no place in the general labour market due to a mental, psychological or severe physical disability.

We achieve this by means of individual promotion and tailored workplaces.

We offer workplaces at our four branches. We also firmly believe in integrating people into the general labour market. We therefore offer our employees support with their job searches and assist them in their work away from the workshop.

We have a wide array of education options designed to boost our employees’ career skills and personal development.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Stefan Schuster, head of Support Services, tel. 0 69 - 8 50 02 - 393.

Day care centre

Werkstätten Hainbachtal’s day care centre nurtures and takes care of people with very severe and multiple disabilities.

The aim is for existing skills to be preserved and expanded, and for new skills to be learned and developed. Our promotional endeavours also include introducing individuals to targeted work.

By creating the appropriate parameters, the day care centre affords those who attend it maximum independence, personal development, quality of life and involvement in society.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Kerstin Späth, head of the day care centre, tel. 0 69 - 8 50 02 - 209.

For companies and organisations

Companies and organisations appreciate the professional services that we provide at our workshops. Our portfolio comprises the following areas:

  • Packing, e.g. of promotional items, catalogues and other packaging units
  • Lettershop, e.g. producing, packing and dispatching serial letters, promotional mailshots and other bulk mailings
  • Digital services, e.g. data input, management and archiving
  • Assembly, e.g. small batches and major contracts ranging from single-step assemblies to demanding assembly production, including functional and final testing
  • Carpentry workshop, e.g. customised product developments in small batches or as a major contract
  • Laundry services in accordance with Robert Koch Institute (RKI) hygiene guidelines, e.g. for the hotel industry, the food service industry, old people’s and nursing homes, and the food sector
  • Gardening and landscaping services, e.g. companies’ outdoor areas, public spaces, and kitchen and ornamental gardens

We will happily adapt our services to your specific needs.

Please address enquiries to Mrs. Kristina Ulrich, tel. 0 69 - 8 50 02 - 165.

For children and their parents

The Fuchsbau childcare centre is located in the woods in the Hainbach valley. It was planned and built specifically with the concept of nature and experiential education in mind.

We aspire to offering inclusive support for children and their families. It is therefore especially important to us that we accept children from a variety of social backgrounds and children both with and without (impending) disabilities.

Our highly trained staff look after each and every child based on the child’s specific needs.

Please address enquiries to Ms Dagmar Spring, head of the childcare centre, tel. 0 69 - 8 50 02 - 120.

For lovers of shopping and indulgence

Our Waldcafé in the Hainbach valley and the FRIEDA – einfach lecker cafe in Büsingpark invite you to linger, relax and take a break. We spoil our guests with fresh home-made dishes and regional produce. And the team naturally includes people with disabilities.

Both venues can be booked for events – and we are happy to help you organise your festivities.

Please address enquiries to Ms Britt Röder, department head, tel. 069 - 85 00 06 - 260.

You can find the cafe opening hours and menus on the German pages.

Products made in our workshop are available for sale at our premises in the Hainbach valley and at events and festivals.

Our mission statement

Our thoughts and actions are guided by our sense of responsibility towards each and every individual and also society. Our view of mankind is characterised by respect, tolerance, consideration and appreciation.

We shape the future together – joined in diversity.